Planning and preparation of the mountain tours

To plan a light mountainous shift of a summer day the mountain guide must:

– assemble and analyze all the necessary information about the mountain shift participants related to their age, the level of physical training in correlation with the degree of difficulty of the route

– have detailed information about the route to go through, the necessary equipment, weather information, etc.

– analyze and consider the time required for delays caused by bad weather, hazards

– consider all circumstances that may arise and have prepared reserve plans

– have a medical kit with: patches, elastic pads, a few pills (2-3 aspirin, 1-2 nurofen, anti-inflammatory, magnesium sachet, etc.), safety needle, forceps, etc.

-to deal with informing tourists about the minimum equipment required:

  • mountain backpack approximate 25 liters with adjustable straps, middle belt, outer pockets
  • summer boots or mountain footwear
  • trekking sticks, adjustable for ascending / descending
  • Short parachutes (indicated for meadows hikes (through snakes or ticks)
  • front lamp
  • Thin / short / tights long pants
  • technically jersey + thin / polar blouse (as many layers as possible, preferably not cotton because it dries hard)
  • slim / wind stopper jacket
  • T-shirt (especially if you prefer cotton)
  • raincoat, raincoat for backpack
  • sunglasses, lip-sticks
  • liquids
  • food
  • garbage bag (garbage / wet clothes in the event of rain)

Other useful tips:

– test clothes and equipment:

 – check socks fit the boots,

– do not go to the mountain with unused boots

– load the backpack balanced, check the weight and adjust all the straps,

– attention: the combination of t-shirt-blouse-jacket should allow movement at will,

 – practicing the parachutes with the buckles outwards;

In order to bring the level of training of the mountain guides to the standards required by the new requirements on this market, the Association of Mountain Guides in Romania and Professional team SRL have begun to develop a new occupational standard for the mountain guide profession. Due to the importance of this standard, AGMR is supported by several legal entities in Romania, Bulgaria and Italy in a project with European funding ERASMUS + entitled “MODERNIZATION OF THE FORMATION OF MONTANE GHIZES FOR IMPROVING THE COMPETITIVENESS OF EUROPEAN MONTANE TOURISM AND GROWTH OF LABOR MOBILITY IN THIS SECTOR “.

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