Bears observation

Bears observation  is the specialty of the staff of Professional Team. We have been taking foreign visitors to watch bears at special observatories starting with 2002 and trekking on mountain paths that offer excellent wildlife viewing, for a number of years.

brown bear observation in Brasov area

Bear observation experience is undertaken late afternoon when you meet an our experienced local guide who knows the region and the habits of the bears well and who will accompany you to the best observation site. Because bears can be dangerous at close quarters, we will be accompanied by a ranger at bear watching locations. In order to minimize the impact on the wildlife we require a minimum of three persons and maximum of eighteen persons per evening. We will leave the bear watching hide to return to the guesthouse before sunset. These bears are truly wild and we have a 90 – 95% chance of seeing them at the hides.

However we cannot guarantee sightings!

Our team that works to make you memorable holidays in Romania and watch the brown bears in the wild. We share with you the amazing experience of tracking and observing wildlife in its natural habitat and help you understand the importance of its conservation.