The first 3 main objectives of the projects are:
O1 – Increasing the transparency, comparability and recognition of “mountain guide” qualification at European level through realization of a common occupational standard using European tools and methods (ex. ECVET, EQF, EQAVET, formal, non-formal and informal education, etc.) and implementation of new/improved occupational standard in Romania and Bulgaria
O2. Facilitating the learning and labor mobility and employability between participating countries and at European level through realization of activities envisaging cooperation and exchange of best practices (such: learners/teachers mobility’s, blog articles, signing MoM) inside and outside project period
O3. Improving quality of VET programs through a better understanding and application of mixed VET methods (e-learning, practice, mobility, work-based learning) by project trainers through exchange of best practices between partners (blog articles and staff training event) and development of innovative blended learning training course (e-learning, practice, mobility and work-based learning) having minimum 5 modules/15 units with a length of 1080 hours and corresponding 4 EQF level, between Octomber 2017 and December 2019
The main results obtained
– European PM2 open methodology best practice
– Common “mountain guide” occupational standard
– E-learning platform and blended learning coursesMinimum 25 of persons as direct target of activities and over 150.000 of indirect beneficiaries
Main impact at European, national, local level
Increased transparency, comparability and recognition of mountain guides across Europe
Improved occupational standard at European level
New/Improved occupational standard at National level
Greening occupational profile
Increased mobility of learners attending mountain guide courses across Europe
Increased labor mobility across Europe
Increased employability at local/regional level of mountain guides after certification
Increased awareness of thematic touristic programs
Increased use of thematic touristic programs


Results for this project are not yet available. They might become available after the project’s end date.


Asociatia Ghizilor Montani din Romania
Molidului, 9
Organisation type: Non-governmental organisation/association/social enterprise


– Professional team S.R.L.
– Ecosystem Europe Association
– Monterosa academy ASD
– Eco Monde
– Bulgarian Association of guides in natural environment



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The first training transnational activity of Mont Guide + project

Between 1st and 7th of April in Gressoney Saint Jean, Italy was carried out the first training transnational activity of Mont Guide + strategic partnership project, financed by ERASMUS+ funds.

The host of this event was the Italian partner Monte Rosa Academy. The training was attended by more than 15 participants from all project partners: AITR (Italy), Romanian Mountain Guides Association the project coordinator, Edufor SRL and Professional Team SRL from Romania, Bulgarian Association for Guide in Natural Environment, Ecosystem Europe Association (Bulgaria) and Eco Monde (Bulgaria).

Except the classical theoretical part hold in the hotel, the training also included few practical workshops in the magnificent location of Monterosa ski slopes.

Main topics discussed during the training:

  • Exchange of best practice about the VET methods used by partners at the training activities (all participants);
  • Presenting of work based learning (Professional Team SRL)
  • Presenting of e-learning methods (Edufor SRL);
  • Presenting of some methods of risk management: avalanche rescue presented by BAGNE, glacier travel and crevasse rescue presented by AGMR;
  • Presenting the learning methods for skiing on slopes and off-piste courses organized by Monte Rosa Academy, the host of event;
  • Different workshops where the participants practiced the methods learned at the theoretical part of course.

Between 8th and 10th May 2018 the partners “THE MODERN EMPLOYMENT AND TRAINING OF THE MUNICIPAL GOVERNMENT TO IMPROVE COMPETITIVENESS OF EUROPEAN MUNICIPAL TOURISM AND GROWTH OF LABOR MOBILITY OF THE SECTOR” The ERASMUS + project partners join in Sofia for a project management meeting. On this occasion they analyzed the stage of implementation of the project, the steps taken and the steps to be taken, the tasks of each partner for the next period and the deadlines.

Also, in order to analyze the implementation of the project “MODERNIZATION AND PROFESSIONAL TRAINING OF THE MUNICIPAL GOVERNMENT TO IMPROVE COMPETITIVENESS OF EUROPEAN MUNICIPAL TOURISM AND GROWTH OF LOCAL MOBILITY OF THE SECTOR”, a working meeting of ERASMUS + project partners took place in Rimini between 8 and 11 October 2018. On this occasion, it was discussed that the national standard must be implemented. They analyzed the possibilities for achieving the course authorization in the partner countries and the implementation stage, the steps taken and the next steps, the tasks of each partner for the next period and the deadlines.